The Story

Second Night is the story of Kajna, a demon with an unusual interest in human history - in particular, a centuries-old curse that hardly anyone's heard of. When he accepts a deal that'll get him some more information, he finds himself mixed up in a more serious situation than he anticipated...



The protagonist and narrator. An avid researcher/historian of sorts - and a demon. Kajna seems particularly interested in the slave trade of the 11th Century - and the curse that originated from the revolution of 1045. Having found one of the two families still affected by the curse, he is now desperately searching for the other. Despite his insistance that he is a law-abiding citizen, he seems willing to do anything to get information - even help steal a pirate ship.

Kemoru Mezkir

A trader based in Yekrom. Kemoru has no qualms about trading on the black market - although he'd never tell his friend Azarel. He also used to be a member of the Inga - regardless, Kemoru is a generous and loyal friend.

Azarel Meiyard

A die-maker at Thurenden Foundry. Kemoru's closest (possibly only?) friend. He is reasonably benevolent, but can be demanding and erratic.

The Inga

The Inga is a pirate ship ahead of her time. She was renowned for her unorthodox methods even before the installation of elven technology, the most notable of which are her engines. These allow her to sail far faster than any human ship, even without wind. Disconcerting for traders who consider a 25mph clipper to be the height of technology.

The last recorded attack from the Inga was in January, nearly six months ago. She hadn't been heard of since, until Akebhania's navy found her abandoned, and brought her to Yekrom.

The Inga's crew

Currently missing. The Inga has a fairly small crew for a ship of her size, the most notable of whom are the Captain, and Ezre.

Ezryleirius Malchannriarr Jiveyna (on left) is the engineer responsible for the Inga's elven technology. He joined the Inga after being exiled from the Northern Citadel, for a multitude of crimes. Ezre is not evil as such - just extremely chaotic. And there's only one person who can really control him...

Captain Elyra Farend (right) has been in charge of the Inga and her crew since she usurped her father a number of years ago. Pragmatic and down-to-earth, she does not tolerate tradition-for-the-sake-of-tradition. Her slightly unusual approach to piracy and leadership means fewer ships sink at the hands of the Inga - but more goods are stolen.

Other Characters


Amrithsrlen Teizeasyr Teneyr (on right) is a genuinely good person, although very overprotective, and far too tolerant of others' faults.

Zerithandriel Ekanaseyr Teneyr (on left) is Amrith's cousin. An expert hacker, he's tracking the Inga. He has the brain of a super-computer and a personality to match - avoid if at all possible.


Sweet but mischevious, Chen (left) is concerned by his friend Kajna's extended absense from Kaal.

Manria (right) seems to have developed a dislike for Kajna over the years. Whether this has anything to do with Chen remains to be seen...


Syhrea Laron was a member of the Inga at the same time as Kemoru. What she's been doing since she left is known only to her.

World & Locations

Map of Relevant Places

Map of places relevant to the story.

SecondNight is set on an earth-like world, inhabited by three dominant species (see below). The majority of the story takes place within the human country of Akebhania.

Akebhania is a properous nation, due to its good trade links and its diverse manufacturing industry.

In its distant past, much of the economy revolved around the demon slave trade, the downfall of which lead to the curse which Kajna studies today.

A note on magic: It does exist, but only in an underlying, paranormal sort of way. Humans often call elven technology 'magic', as they don't comprehend its basis in science.


Akebhania is inhabited by three 'dominant' species:

Humans, despite being flightless, are the most widely spread - and the most diverse.

Resiliant and pragmatic, Demons are simple people. They live in matriarchal tribes of a few dozen individuals, usually in remote, mountainous regions (largely to avoid humans).

They can be indentified by their small stature and dull colouring. They frequently retract their wings.

Citadel CN-199-28

(the Northern Citadel)

Elves make up for what they lack in physical strength with sheer, brilliant intelligence.

Their society and technology is highly advanced. The majority of elves live in Citadels; self-sustaining cities consisting of a single building.

A note on languages

Different languages are represented by different fonts: